When half-baked bullshit like this post from CNET that, as far as I can tell, was based on a misreading of the terms and a desire to cash in on the hysteria, is what comes from a large organization and even Wired, who I normally respect getting in on the act, it’s clear that there are two kinds of journalism left covering the tech world: regurgitation of press releases and gadget announcements and wild, barely-informed speculation about the latest trending topic.

This is wrong in a number of ways.

This kind of lazy, inept journalism is not limited to any sector — tech isn’t special or unique. It’s endemic.

And it isn’t journalism to parrot someone’s lie, or to follow the herd. That’s reporting.

Journalism is when something is looked into, researched, confirmed, verified, etc.

That is increasingly rare but happens in all sectors.

Just way too rarely.

Let’s kill technology journalism | Jamie Kelly