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Sep 15

Exclusive: Two Apple medical trials shed light on how HealthKit will work

Eyespend - Spend Consciously -

Don’t support the enemy if you don’t have to.

The conservative answer to Obamacare: privatize Medicaid and Medicare and make us pay more -

The goal is to take every possible penny from us. In the capitalist world, it’s all about making money with money, “investing” in “instruments”. So more money makes yet more money.

The next generation of elite capitalists won’t need to make things or provide services. All they need is money to “invest”.

The basic outline of the right’s conspiracy theory has been in place for quite some time: They believe President Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton covered up the true nature of the attack to guarantee his re-election and boost her 2016 campaign. They believe that to achieve those goals, Obama and Clinton not only lied about the severity of the attack, but actually ordered the U.S. military to stand down during the attack, leading to the death of four Americans. And they of course believe that after the attack, Obama and Clinton conspired to cover up their actions.

It doesn’t matter that the evidence doesn’t support this theory, that’s what they believe. And since they think they know what really happened, the questions they ask aren’t about understanding what actually took place, they are about exposing the massive conspiracy that exists only in their head. But the conspiracy didn’t and doesn’t exist, which means they are asking questions which have no answer.

” — For #Benghazi conspiracy theorists, answers remain elusive

“Part of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s appeal to Republican presidential primary voters was supposed to be that he was the guy who inflicted pain on workers to bring his state’s budget under control. Now, he’s the guy who inflicted pain on workers, broke his own promises, and broke the record for the most credit rating downgrades under a single New Jersey governor….” —

Christie sets a record for credit rating downgrades

What America needs for a president.

San Diego school district acquires MRAP (basically a tank) from Dept. of Defense - Boing Boing -

I’m sure there’s an excellent reason for this.

Not one Republican Senator voted for campaign finance reform - Boing Boing -


Can’t believe this is true.

“Under the terms of the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, approved by PM Harper on Friday, China can sue Canada in secret tribunals to repeal national and provincial laws that interfere with Chinese investments, including laws limiting construction of the Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline.” —

Stephen Harper sells Canada: China can secretly sue to repeal Canadian laws - Boing Boing

Just awesome.

Don’t tell the Teabaggers, but their One World is a thing: One world of capitalist rule. Oh, and by the way: The Teabaggers made it possible, them and the rest of the “conservatives”, always happy to reward rhetoric over acts.

Sep 14

Decades of federal government ‘cost-plus’ contracts increase taxpayer costs 2, 3, 4 times -

Great news!

Joan Rivers Gets the Last Laugh | The Nation -

Fact: She’s the one who broke the dam, from which a legion or two of women comics flowed (no pun intended… Freudian slip, for sure).

Yes, there were women comics before, but always just themselves, anomalies. Nothing like what followed Rivers.

That and the Cruise joke below (and that she kept working hard, never letting up or giving up) earned her enough good karma, maybe, to balance the execrable things.

“Would it interest you to hear about “Obamacare” from the perspective of a provider?” —

This Stopped Me In My Tracks

Read this.

“We’re on the cusp of a vote that may signal the end of the United Kingdom.” —

What’s the problem?

Cameron was essentially elected by Murdoch’s sole vote. Why can’t Murdoch just cast his vote on this issue and be done with the matter?

Of course, the U.K. is as much of a nation as any other capitalist state these days. Which is to say, any state is subservient to the owners of capital.

“Virginia GOP succeeds in denying Medicaid benefits to 375,000 people.” — The pro-life thing to do.

(Source: talkingpointsmemo.com)

“The 2-year-old son of a sheriff’s deputy accidentally fired his father’s gun on Monday inside a Wendy’s restaurant in Middleburg, Fla., injuring himself and three others.” — Who doesn’t feel far safer in a nation where this happens?

(Source: talkingpointsmemo.com)

“Georgia Republican says Sunday voting in DeKalb County must stop since it’s “dominated by African American shoppers and it is near several large African American mega churches.”” —

(Source: talkingpointsmemo.com)