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Sep 30

Walmart: Tracy Morgan Partly To Blame In Truck Accident Because He Wasn't Wearing Seatbelt -

Hate to call out the lazy fuck mainstream, but they’re playing a boilerplate provision in an answer to a complaint as some sort undisputed fact.

I guess because facts, baseless accusations, they’re all the same thing. (Which isn’t to say Morgan was for a fact belted; just saying the claim in the answer, by itself, means nothing.)

Talib Kweli: Lauryn Hill Owes You Nothing -

Nor do I owe a tax dodger anything.

So we’re even!

Many Missteps in Assessment of ISIS Threat -

I guess letting neocons set policies including empowering ISIS in the first place makes assessment difficult. Specially when your puppets become a problem.

“What people should be talking about today, but won’t be, is Tim Dickinson’s report on the lush criminal history of Koch Industries. Up until recently, the Kochs have been seen as a couple of plutocrats who, aided and abetted by a pliable Supreme Court and by politicians who would take money from serial murderers as long as they were anonymous, are seeking to buy the American political system for the purposes of getting even richer and promoting the Birchite nonsense they’ve imbibed since childhood. However, the sources of their great wealth have gone largely unexamined, and, as Dickinson points out, the only real difference between the Kochs and the Gambinos is that the latter dressed a lot better.” —

Criminal Minds - Esquire

Read on.

Me, I think the Koches are just psychopathically venal and greedy, not radical rightist wing nuts per se — no Richard Scaife Mellon exactly.

Not that doesn’t mean they’re vile scumbags, enemies of the state.

The great failing of the Democratic party over the past three-and-a-half decades has been the party’s failure to take political advantage of the obvious prion disease that has afflicted the Republican party since it first ate all the monkey-brains in the mid-1970’s. Whether this was out of cowardice, incompetence, or an overly optimistic view of the inherent sanity of the electorate, is no longer an issue. The failure to make the Republican crazee the Republican party’s standing public identity has encouraged the increased spread, and the increased virulence of the prion disease, with disastrous consequences for the rest of us. Why, in the name of god, would you not call Michele Bachmann crazy? Because it might offend the people who vote for her? It’s supposed to offend those people. Those people beg to be offended, and, by doing so, you at least inject into the discussion the notion that the Republican party has thrown its marbles gleefully to the four winds. A few elections later, that may become the general opinion. After all, the Permanent Republican Majority wasn’t built in a day.

We are seeing yet another example of this failure at the moment in Iowa. Bruce Braley is running for the Senate against the famous swine de-baller Joni Ernst, and recent polls are indicating that Ernst has broken open something of a lead. Further, she is starting to get something of a pass on not knowing fk-all. (In their debate over the weekend, she cited cap-and-trade as something devastating to Iowa agriculture. Cap and trade, of course, never passed.) All of this despite the fact that Joni Ernst is a complete fking loon, and she has been a complete fking loon ever since she put down the de-balling blade and ran for office. She supported a Personhood Amendment. She has called for the impeachment of the president and the nullification of federal laws, putting herself on the wrong side of political issues for over 150 years. She is a lifelong Truther regarding our old pal, Agenda 21, the secret UN plan to steal all our golfs. She shouldn’t be allowed into the United States Senate on a tour, let alone as one of its 100 members. This is more than just a message sponsored by the Committee To Not Electing Morons. There are only 100 senators. If Iowa elects this crackpot, it is going to affect all of us in some very important ways.

But it looks like it just might. In one of those quirks that mark conventional political journalism as being anything except a job for grown-ups, it seems that Ernst is now getting credit for designing a lovely, gleaming structure of platitudes over the batshit positions she previously held. The success of that project, in the world of campaign journalism, is supposed to trump everything she once stood for. She is now considered to be a “great campaigner,” because she’s proven somewhat gifted at avoiding drooling in public. Since the press won’t do it, it’s up to Braley, and Braley seems to have fallen down completely on the job. He keeps slanging her about the Koch Brothers, and about the minimum wage, but not about the fact that she spent her entire career prior to this race in a lovely little bungalow on the outskirts of Krazytown. If there were already an existing narrative about how the Republican party has rendered itself into Bedlam, it wouldn’t be so hard for Braley to make the case now, because the campaign press loves it some existing narrative. Beats working for a living.

Consider, for a second, how many Democratic candidates had to labor under the narrative that their party was “soft on defense” because a narrative had been established for that in 1972, when a decorated combat pilot named George McGovern was routed by history’s yard waste, Richard Nixon, and how we then watched the celebrated rise of Ronald Reagan who, when McGovern was crash-landing his crippled bomber, was defending the bar of the Brown Derby against the infiltration of starlets. Imagine if, after electing the fools and lightweights to the Senate in 1980, the Democrats were able to construct and sell the notion that the Republican party had surrendered itself to its fringe. If they’d been able to do that, Joni Ernst could be seen as a symptom and not a senator. Ah, well…

” — And here we are. Now and forever.

(Source: esquire.com)

U.S. intelligence agents have broad authority to spy on U.S. companies as long as they are “believed to have some relationship with foreign organizations or persons” — a description that could conceivably apply to any company with foreign shareholders, subsidiaries, or even employees—according to newly released government documents published this morning by the ACLU.

The trove, which includes documents from the NSA, Department of Justice, and Defense Intelligence Agency, confirms long-standing suspicions that the bulk of U.S. foreign surveillance operations are governed not by acts of Congress, but by a 33-year-old executive order issued unilaterally by President Ronald Reagan.

” —

The Ghost of Ronald Reagan Authorizes Most NSA Spying - The Intercept

St. Ronnie: The harm he’s done the nation still isn’t stopping.

Brown Noser -

Amused. Read.

The Return of America’s Favorite Anti-Trafficker -

Our superiors taken in by a bullshitter. Dunno if it’s sad or Schadenfruede.

“Most of the poor have jobs. The problem is that even with jobs’ many do not earn enough to get by. A Martian might conclude that either our bills are too high or our jobs don’t pay enough. Democracy should not mean having the freedom to slowly starve while working full time. It should not mean having the freedom and the necessity to choose between groceries or dental care. It should not require that most of us to support the rich while depriving our children of their futures.” —

Some Assembly Required: SAR #14270

Sure, democracy doesn’t mean having a full time job in order to fail to make enough for food and shelter.

But in a feudal corporatist state? Of course it does. Workers must be paid as little as possible in order to enrich the rulers as much as possible.

Spoiler: American democracy is a zombie. And zombies don’t come back to life.

“Comcast, admitting that its cusromer service is terrible, has promised to make improvements, and while it will start billing you for the improved service now, actual improvement “may take a few years.”” — Some Assembly Required: SAR #14270

“Australia has banned all reports of “multi-national bribery” because revealing the extent of government coruption would endanger [] national security. In the same vein, in order to keep the Australian secret police happy, internet provider Vodaphone will now keep track of its customers’ web history for at least 90 days, pretending that this is to “allow its customers to keep track of how much of their data allowance they are using on particular sites.”” — Some Assembly Required: SAR #14270

“Thirty-four percent of the US workforce is made up of “freelancers”, most of whom have no job security, no benefits, no future. And that’s our future, too.” —

Some Assembly Required: SAR #14270

Long version here.

A secret: This is way more than prior to the global economic meltdown of 2008.

“There’s been plenty of skepticism when it comes to Tesla. The Silicon Valley startup unveiled an all-electric car that stunned the world and had many other automakers rolling their eyes. Fast forward to 2014 and Tesla’s preparing to launch its third model, the Model X. Production of the Model S sedan is humming along, and this new automaker continues to make headlines multiple times a week. Industry veteran Bob Lutz was the champion behind the Chevrolet Volt, and has been quite vocal about Tesla from the beginning. So what’s his view on the company now? He said Tesla will remain a “fringe brand” until it launches its next generation of vehicles and the smaller, less expensive Model 3. Speaking Wednesday on CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” finance show he said that Tesla’s stock price was “kinda high” at the moment.” —

Former GM Product Czar: Tesla a “Fringe Brand” - Slashdot

Great advice from Lutz — genuine car guy — who, the one time he was an actual CEO, led his company into bankruptcy (IIRC, he claimed to be unfamiliar with the company’s finances when he took the gig) and whilst GM’s number 2, failed to get the company out of the de facto financial services business and back into the car business — which ended up as a huge bankruptcy.

Spoiler: Tesla is promoting new tech like no one else. And if Lutz is forgetting that size of a company and profits do not require a direct connection….


House Hopefuls in G.O.P. Seek Rightward Shift -

That’s a good thing, right?

Great of the Times to explain whether or not it’s good for the nation. Leave us guessing, Times!