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Aug 20

“"One of the things we need to do is to contest the left on the issue of justice," [Dinesh D’Souza] said.” —

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So says a convicted thief and liar and proven nut job.

The American right couldn’t stand for justice since their primary platform for decades has been state-sanctioned theft.

Not a single one of these people isn’t some sort of lying garbage. Not a one.

“"The use of excessive force by the police underscored the determination to remind blacks at every opportunity of their vulnerability and helplessness. If the police sometimes singled out young blacks for punishment, it was a way to check their tendency toward ‘impudence," to restrain their restlessness and keep them in their place…The violence meted out by the police and sheriffs was no aberration but stemmed from ideological conviction — the still commonly held…belief that blacks understood only force, that they worked and behaved best under the threat of the lash and that their uncontrolled impulses required a special quality of discipline…A Richmond, Virginia black newspaper suggested that blacks regarded the local police ‘with a distrust bordering on hatred,’ and that police officers reciprocated such feelings ‘with compound interest.’"” —

The Limits Of Everything - Esquire

Written in the mid-90s or so in regard to segregation in the South.

And you thought it was contemporary.

Only the described situation is.

So, fundamentally the U.S. government was designed to not be a democracy. It was designed to be a vehicle for white property owners to protect their interests – namely, their property and their right to perpetuate their ownership of it while those with less remained with less.

They would probably be pleased to know that several hundred years later their governmental experiment is fulfilling its purpose to perfection.

In a recent study, researchers at Princeton University and Northwestern University concluded that U.S. policymaking favors the wealthy and special interests groups more than average citizens. In fact, the wishes of average citizens are hardly represented by their elected representatives, if at all.

“Not only do ordinary citizens not have uniquely substantial power over policy decisions; they have little or no independent influence on policy at all,” write Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page.

* *

Maybe because of the transparent lack of actual democratic mechanisms and institutions, the United States eventually began to narrow the definition of democracy essentially to one thing: the right to vote.

William Blum writes that this sense of the word was developed as propaganda to criticize Communist governments who considered things such as food, health care and education fundamental human rights. But they didn’t have regular elections. So our system, with its glorious box checking, became “democracy” while theirs was “totalitarianism,” Blum explains.

“Thus, a nation with hordes of hungry, homeless, untended sick, barely literate, unemployed, and/or tortured people, whose loved ones are being disappeared and/or murdered with state connivance, can be said to be living in a ‘democracy’ … provided that every two years or four years they have the right to go to a designated place and put an X next to the name of one or another individual who promises to relieve their miserable condition, but who will, typically, do virtually nothing of the kind.”

” — Can’t argue with this.

(Source: counterpunch.org)

The ongoing clashes between residents of Ferguson, MO and heavily armed police forces—which are equipped with M16 rifles and armored vehicles—have drawn attention to the increasing militarization of police in the United States. Here are the cases for and against outfitting local law enforcement with military-grade weapons:


Same tactics used successfully in Afghanistan, Iraq
Modern law enforcement simply cannot do their job properly by relying on handguns, tasers, and tear gas alone
A real shot in arm for nation’s ailing weapons industry
Look on driver’s face when tank pulls up beside Mini Cooper always fun
Local photojournalists now able to capture fog of war at home
Nice surprise treat for veterans to see weapons they used in war pop up on their hometown streets
Never a bad idea to put a more powerful gun in someone’s hand
Actually going to seem pretty quaint when compared with police armaments 20 years from now


Most police officers have proven fully capable of violently subduing protesters without any military-grade weapons
It actually very hard to recite Miranda rights while holding 40-pound grenade launcher
There no longer any middle ground between community watch and military
Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles only get 5 miles per gallon
Jesus, just look at this shit
Military-style helmets limit peripheral vision while firing indiscriminately into crowd
Could potentially be abused if put in lesser hands than America’s historically honest and virtuous police departments
Takes away that personal touch of beating a suspect to death with bare hands

” —

(Source: The Onion)

“This scared the bejesus out of white people, and the cops weren’t too enthusiastic about it, either. So along came a Republican state assemblyman named Don Mulford, and he proposed a bill that would ban the carrying of loaded weapons in public throughout California. The Panthers enlivened the debate by showing up at the state capitol in Sacramento while exercising their god-given right to bear arms, which again scared the bejesus out of people. (I think it was the shades and the berets myself.) Speaking in language that today would make Wayne LaPierre cry like a child — the NRA of the time was curiously supportive of the Act in question — Don Mulford said he was proposing his law to keep us safe from “nuts with guns,” especially the ones who lived in “urban environments.” (No, you don’t need the Enigma machine to decode that one.) The law passed. Governor Reagan signed it, and that’s how history was made.” —

The Ghost Of Ronald Reagan - Esquire

See? The Second Amendment doesn’t apply to people darker than white. Because equality.

“Ryan cautioned that people should allow the investigation into 18-year-old Michael Brown’s death at the hands of a white police officer to run its course before drawing conclusions. The Justice Department is conducting its own inquiry in addition to a state investigation, but the Wisconsin Republican cautioned against allowing the federal government to take on a large oversight role in Ferguson. “There is no problem with the federal government having a role,” he said. “But in all of these things, local control, local government, local authorities who have the jurisdiction, who have the expertise, who are actually there are the people who should be in the lead.”” —

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Paul Ryan; monster.

“Authorities in the Georgia county where cops threw a flash-bang grenade into a baby’s crib are refusing to pay the child’s medical bills. Do they think it’ll cost them less to lose the civil suit?” — Some Assembly Required: SAR #14229

“The law firm that whitewashed Governor What Bridge? Christie is billing New Jersey taxpayers $6.5 million for that magnum opus. Good thing he didn’t do anything else wrong. Right?” — Some Assembly Required: SAR #14229

“During 2013, American police killed a black citizen every 28 hours.” —

Some Assembly Required: SAR #14229

See? No reason for people darker than white to feel the least bit uncomfortable around cops. Never ever.

“This century’s global warming will be determined by the fossil fuel industry, not by methane bubbling up here and there in the Arctic. It would take tens of millions of giant methane bubbles like those seen in Siberia recently to make a significant impact. We should keep our eyes on the smokestacks and exhaust pipes, that’s what will do us in.” — Some Assembly Required: SAR #14229

“When drug companies weigh research projects, they direct their R&D departments to focus on maintenance drugs for conditions that a lot of middle class and affluent people in the developed world have (or can be convinced they have), that will be inexpensive to develop and can be marketed at huge profit margins over decades. They have no interest in curing a disease like Ebola that people quickly die from. Thus a a deadly virus has been killing poor rural Africans for 36 years.” —

Some Assembly Required: SAR #14229

The wonders of the free market. Proof it must be absolutely free.

“Suddenly we have a “skills gap” in the retail and restaurant sector. Job openings are up 14.6% but hires are down 0.7%. Seems that not just anyone can say “Want fries with that?” and press the little picture on the screen.” —

Some Assembly Required: SAR #14229

Apparently a thing, not satire.

“What makes you think that the clash between the poor and the police in St. Louis is about race, rather than the continuing economic slavery the descendants of slaves have been kept in for 125 years? How long before the 50 million Americans who are poor realize that being poor gives them more in common than the shades of their skin divide them, that being poor is as big a crime as being black? That united they would be unstoppable? Maybe it starts in the #QuickTrip People’s Park.” —

Some Assembly Required: SAR #14229

Marx was right. At the end of the day, it’s all about money. Everything is. While Adam Smith was a better analyst of capitalism than Marx, he thought too highly of Man. Marx, on the other, was fully aware of Man’s venality.

Charles C. Johnson.

My mind cannot fully grasp the fact that a comically inept (although AWARD WINNING!) blogger safely in California feels compelled to inform you that he’s morally superior to an extraordinarily brave reporter humiliated and brutally killed by some of the world’s worst terrorist thugs. What the hell is wrong with some people?

” — Lawyers, Guns & Money - : Lawyers, Guns & Money


100 martyrs to the alleged defense of America.

Hope there’s some gun owners out there who will take up their arms and defend the rest of us from tyranny.