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Jul 29

“More than 35 percent of Americans have debts and unpaid bills that have been reported to collection agencies, according to a study released Tuesday by the Urban Institute.” —

Americans In Debt: 35 Percent Have Unpaid Bills Reported To Collection Agencies

Of course, it would be worse if we haven’t had a true recovery from the economic collapse

“When this thing is up and running, and people are making money hand over fist, wait until you see how fast the company can no longer afford actual “mitigation and reclamation work.”” — The Tar Comes Home - Esquire

“I don’t mean to sound like a cultural imperialist — although I seriously doubt that the people in rural Sierra Leone are acting out of what they know about the Tuskegee experiments, or what happened in Guatemala in the 1940’s — but snatching an Ebola patient out of the hospital doesn’t sound like a very good way to fight the disease, family networks notwithstanding. (The purloined patient eventually died.) This thing is one airplane flight away from being an international catastrophe, but there is no boom-boom, and without boom-boom, there is no news. However, you know, Americans are getting sick now. Hey, Wolf! Over here?” — The Shadow Apocalypse - Esquire

“Now Judge Jeanine Pirro jumped into the act, but instead of her usual unhinged attacks on Obama, she went after Pope Francis for not using his ‘bully pulpit’ to make those terrorists come to Jesus and leave the Christians alone.” —

Loony Judge Jeanine Goes After Pope Francis | Crooks and Liars

So opines the pundit whose public career was powered by her crooked husband — whose crookedness she was completely unaware of despite being a lawyer and signing joint returns.

The NSA Revelations All in One Chart -


“Today in Billionaires Bonus: the New York Post has the sordid tale of construction billionaire Bruce Elieff’s lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend. Elieff apparently gave her $850,000 for tuition and medical bills while they were dating, and he’s now suing her for the money, saying the money wasn’t a gift, it was a “short-term loan.” The girlfriend and her lawyer call it “sour grapes” after she gave birth to twins by another man.” — Daily Bafflements | The Baffler

“British doctors have found that working in rotating shifts, rather than consistent daytime “office” hours increases one’s risk for type 2 diabetes. Apparently it’s all about keeping regular sleep-wake cycles.” —

Daily Bafflements | The Baffler

What’s the problem?

The sooner we die, the sooner our masters replace us with someone cheaper. Or they’re relieved of the expense of firing us and incurring the cost of unemployment insurance.

So for our masters, it’s all good. Our sickness improves their health. Nothing’s more important than that.

Amway Journalism -

Every solution offered except the one that works: Reliable reporting.

Look around: Every other “answer” is failing.

Then again, this isn’t an era where facts matter. All the money’s in lying.

Perhaps my favorite example came about after housing-market collapse. It wasn’t the wildly irresponsible behavior of non-bank lenders and junk mortgages securitized and rated AAA that caused the problems. Rather, it had to be something else, and if we can find a government entity to blame, so much the better. Watching the endless attempts to throw something against the barn door to see what might stick would have been amusing if it were not so sad: It was the Community Reinvestment Act! No wait, it was the FHA’s VA loans. No, it was Fannie and Freddie!

The grim reality was much more complex. Many factors deserve blame, ranging from ultra-low interest rates, falling real incomes and a mad scramble for yield. These combined with the deregulation of the past decades created a unique set of circumstances that allowed traditional lending standards to fall by the wayside. You know how all of that ended.

Refusing to acknowledge the complicated reality once it conflicts with your belief system is a classic example of cognitive dissonance. If you can’t face the reality of the housing collapse, cook up some story that explains what happened consistent with your ideology. That it might be very easily debunked is beside the point.

” — Your Mind, Your Investment Returns - Bloomberg View
Dysfunction rules!

“John Kenneth Galbraith: ‘Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof’….” — Some Assembly Required: SAR #14207

“Israeli police now admit that Hamas was not responsible for the kidnapping and death of the three teens, that the Israeli government knew this while Netanyahu was beating the drums of war and Israeli thugs were beating that American teen. All of which led to the current extermination campaign in Gaza – so it served its purpose.” — Some Assembly Required: SAR #14207
It isn’t just Israel.
This is how they all roll.

“The Magna Carta established basic rights with the principle that no one was above the law, including the administration itself. It quaintly guaranteed the right to a fair trial by a jury of peers, with knowledge of the charges and access to the evidence. That was back in 1215; times have changed.” —

Some Assembly Required: SAR #14207

Nothing is forever.

“US appeals court says Colombians cannot to sue Chiquita in the US over the death squads it used to keep workers in line and profits high. Chiquita, which is based in the US, has admitted paying paramilitaries but the court said it had no jurisdiction. This is the same court system that said Argentina must go bankrupt trying to pay vulture funds for their bad investments, because greed does fall within the US courts’ purview.” — Some Assembly Required: SAR #14207

“Wherever you go…there you are. - Buckaroo Banzai” —

Slashdot (15)

From one of the five or ten greatest movies of the 1980s.

Sarah Palin’s new TV network shows just how far her star has fallen -

At the end of the day, she’s little different than the rest of them.

It’s all about fame and fortune and you worshipping them, as long as they don’t have to do anything for you.