You look at the tentpole, franchise story worlds that are coming out of the studios now in the superhero realm, and there’s no reality whatsoever," he said. "You’ve got to think, when you look at all the wars that we’ve been involved in, the way that we sell consumer goods, people look at that and see that same sort of association.

Producer Ted Hope Explains How Superhero Movies Define America To Viewers Abroad

Nor has the American reality in any genre been much of the foreign markets’ realities.

In a sense, then, Man of Steel scored with its nihilistic destruction because I’m sure many foreign markets could relate to it.

And it is here where I point out that Jindal’s wingnut-catnip reversal on Common Core could cost Louisiana $25 million over the next five years. But, hey, Jindal’s got that covered. He’ll take $15 million in my money as long as he can use it to keep kindergartners as ignorant as he is. Yeah, and Bernie Sanders is an unserious candidate.

Somebody Stop Him - Esquire

Query: What’s the defense for electing a piece of shit like Jindal?

What is going on, I believe, is not an effort to marginalize Sanders but, rather, to marginalize what he’s talking about, because making a presidential election purely about class is something we don’t do any more.

It’s Too Early For This, Too - Esquire

No one dissents any more, it’s no longer cool. (Unless it somehow helps our rulers.)

Only dissidents dissent and who cares about them?

You know what appeasing the ayatollahs looks like?

Promising them if they hold the hostages, they’ll get a better deal from another president. Unfreezing the assets almost as soon as you take the oath. Secretly selling them advanced weaponry because you had use for the profits of this illegal arms sale to fund an illegal war.

That’s what appeasement looks like.

And that wasn’t Carter.

That was the next guy.

Spoiler for the young or forgetful: Next guy was St. Ronnie Reagan.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is suing the for-profit Corinthian College chain, alleging that the company is defrauding potential students by lying about job prospects and career services Corinthian would provide. Seems the enterprise is more concerned with profiting from getting students to take out predatory tuition loans than it is about educating anyone. Unlike politicians, colleges are apparently not permitted to lie in their advertising.

Like the religious right in the US, ISIS has banned the teaching of evolution in schools under its control.

Some Assembly Required: SAR #14258

Yes but do they believe in Jesus, the god of loving hate and vigilantism and the acquisition of obscene wealth at one’s fellow’s expense?

Doubt it.

So the comparison’s unfair and, well, pointless.

A district judge has ruled that the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision means that a member of a fundamentalist Mormon group does not have to honor a federal subpoena if it would violate his religious principles. Sure would mine.

Some Assembly Required: SAR #14258

I know, just posted this from somewhere else yesterday.

But I love it.

Crazy times means that what was crazy once is a perfectly sensible idea now. Why not incorporate oneself? Or better: Create a religion that forbids doing anything you’re personally opposed to?

Crazy once, great ideas now.

Paging George Santyana

Congress, looking for someone, anyone, to do the dying they don’t want to Americans to do, is slowly deciding to arm Afghanistan mujahideen “moderate” Syrian rebels and don’t want to remember how these things usually turn out. 


What does Peter Thiel have against Twitter? Back in 2011, the PayPal co-founder and billionaire venture capitalist slagged the company in his investment manifesto, complaining that “we wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.” Now he’s dismissing it as a business opportunity squandered by Cheech and Chong management. “Twitter is hard to evaluate,” Thiel told CNBC this morning. “They have a lot of potential. It’s a horribly mismanaged company — probably a lot of pot-smoking going on there.” Evidently, Thiel is an abstainer, though his obsession with building a floating libertarian nation-state 200 miles off the coast of San Francisco would seem to suggest otherwise. Who knows, maybe Twitter serves Maui Waui at Thursday Tea Time. … Incidentally, Thiel joined Twitter in 2009, but didn’t use it until last week and only then to promote his new book.

Peter Thiel’s Reefer Madness | Re/code

So this is what a superior person is like.

Or did the billions of dollars do something to his mind?