[O]utside of getting tough with the browns so people don’t boo him like they did last time, Rick Perry is going to base his entire campaign for president on the economic performance of Texas while he was governor. What the Morning News describes is what Rick Perry is going to tell us he wants for the whole country — an unregulated dystopia in which a certain number of unavoidable deaths on the job are the price we pay for the freedom enjoyed by our job creators to risk all our lives. That is the basis of Rick Perry’s upcoming campaign. It is built on a foundation of anonymous bones.

The Joke That Is Rick Perry Is Not Funny - Esquire

None of them jokes.

Everyone of them is a danger to the nation.

You’ve been warned.
This is how it starts: With saving lives.

You’ve been warned.

This is how it starts: With saving lives.

If you have turned on the “location service” of your smartphone, Google is tracking everywhere you go and creates a map of the data – and you can go look at the map of your own wandering – it’s not private y’know.

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True, only if you’re running Android and/or Google “services” (apps). Which I actually try to avoid as much as possible. With, might I add, no harm to me in the process. No downside.

The NSW government is planning to give businesses two votes each in local elections. But the government in Queensland is requiring all business that use any renewable-sourced electricity to pay an extra $500 recurring fee to be hooked up to the electric grid. More of their attempt to kill solar power. And the environment.

The vicious gang of terrorists villains known as IS has been funded by Kuwait, Qatar, and of course, Saudi Arabia – the same guys that financed the 9-11 attack. Ain’t the politics of oil a wonderful thing to behold?

Some Assembly Required: SAR #14228

Still the Republicans’ true BFFs.

In other words, people who whine that the poor have cell phones instead of their proper role of starving or that those “choosing” to have something like a cell phone rather than health insurance are the undeserving poor are idiots. Because these often aren’t actually choices and even if they are, what the hell is it to you that people make the choices that improve their lives in ways they see fit with their limited resources?

Faux Outrage over the Poor Owning Technology - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money

Raises the question why the opinion of a psychopath matters to anyone.

Idea! New sit-com: Psychopathic Dad. Family led by billionaire CEO and all the craziness that ensues as he raises a second generation of psychos. (The mom is actually his trophy wife, who does nothing responsible. Being a trophy is 24/7 if one doesn’t want to be replaced.) Like Married… with Children wildly hyped up, like on crack.

“Fully 65% of African Americans say the police have gone too far in responding to the shooting’s aftermath. Whites are divided: 33% say the police have gone too far, 32% say the police response has been about right, while 35% offer no response.

Whites also are nearly three times as likely as blacks to express at least a fair amount of confidence in the investigations into the shooting. About half of whites (52%) say they have a great deal or fair amount of confidence in the investigations, compared with just 18% of blacks.”

What’s wrong with white people? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money

De jure segregation is dead. And African-Americans are second class citizens. Maybe targets is a better term.

So, you know, full equality.

Free at last my ass.

Here you see an internal Time Inc. spreadsheet that was used to rank and evaluate “writer-editors” at SI.com. The evaluations were done as part of the process of deciding who would be laid off. Most interesting is this ranking criteria: “Produces content that [is] beneficial to advertiser relationship.” These editorial employees were all ranked in this way, with their scores ranging from 2 to 10.

» How to survive as a Sports Illustrated journalist: Write ad-friendly copy JIMROMENESKO.COM

Makes perfect sense.

Since the reporting is nigh-worthless to the shrinking audience, might as well make a little money writing ad copy.

Tip: If you ignore the mainstream and focus on sources with actual reporting, the mainstream will just go away, disappear. No loss to us! (And yes, I would feel bad about the unemployed.)